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GRAND PRIZE – Your Own Custom Skis + Gear

The winner of this contest skis away with over $1500 worth of goodies including...

2014 Prizes

How the winners are picked

The Grand Prize winner is picked on the merits of their design by judges from G3 and Backcountry Babes. Unlike the 'People's Choice' Prize, the Grand Prize winner IS NOT determined based on the number of votes, comments, Facebook 'likes,' Twitter 're-tweets,' and page views. Instead, the winning design is chosen at the sole discretion of G3 and Backcountry Babes, and the decision is final. The winner will be selected the week following the contest’s close on September 30, 2013.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE Winners & Prizes

G3 Alpinist elle Climbing Skins + G3 Toque

How the Winner Is Selected

Judges will determine the People's Choice winner by reviewing Facebook Likes, votes, quality and quantity of comments, shares, and overall impression. Voting is not 100% fraud proof and therefore will NOT be the only measurement of popularity. Share, play fair, and good luck.